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Cliëntenraad bij AOFE - Rehabilitation consultant & physician of AOFE Clinics

Certification, selection criteria and complaints procedure

AOFE Clinics specializes in amputation medicine. Our focus ares are:

  • osseointegration
  • amputation
  • stump revision
  • stoma revision
  • target muscle reinnervation (TMR)

In 2023, AOFE clinics will join the Dutch Independent Clinics Association (ZKN) and will be accredited by Kiwa.


Selection criteria for patients Medical Parc Medical Center

At Medical Parc MC we use the ASA classification, which has been drawn up by the American Society of Anesthesiology. ASA-1 and ASA-2 classification we can operate within our setting. We refer ASA-3 and ASA-4 to regular hospitals.

  • ASA-1: a physically and mentally healthy patient, non-smoker, no or minimal alcohol consumption.
  • ASA-2: a patient with a mild or moderate systemic abnormality without functional impairment. For example (but not only): smoker, social drinker, hypertension (high blood pressure), mild lung disease that is well controlled with drugs.

Unfortunately, we can not operate on you within Medical Parc MC if you comply with ASA-3 or ASA-4:

  • 85 years or older or younger than 16 years;
  • Has a BMI above 35 (severely overweight);
  • A previous heart attack (MI), heart surgery (e.g. angioplasty/stenting), brain haemorrhage or
  • had a cerebral infarction (CVA);
  • If you have a pacemaker or AICD (built-in defibrillator);
  • has active hepatitis (inflammation of the liver);
  • has an alcohol or drug addiction;
  • has renal impairment with dialysis;
  • has a poorly controlled epilepsy (falling sickness). Your driver’s license has been lost as a result;
  • a chronic bronchitis in advanced stage for example: COPD GOLD III,VI;
  • has high blood pressure above 180/100 mmHg;
  • Has and will have insulin dependent diabetes for a knee prosthesis, hip prosthesis, shoulder prosthesis,
  • click prosthesis;
  • Has a mechanical heart valve prosthesis.

Exceptions can be made in consultation with our anesthetist if you:

  • has had a TIA and is not coming for a new hip, knee or shoulder;
  • has a history of heart and lung complaints;
  • using certain blood thinners (anticoagulant medication);
  • has heart rhythm disorders or a biological valve prosthesis.

Complaints procedure
AOFE clinics wants to do everything they can to make your stay and treatment as pleasant as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible that your treatment or our treatment did not go as expected. AOFE clinics invites you to discuss this. We want an accessible, fast and respectful handling of dissatisfaction and complaints from patients and visitors. Complaints can make a valuable contribution to the quality of our care and services.

The general aim of complaints mediation is to restore the relationship. Mutual understanding is often the key to the solution. AOFE clinics considers it important to achieve the following goals in the event of a complaint:

  • restoring the relationship between patient and professional and solving problems that have arisen
  • Strong involvement of the accused.
  • Use complaints as input for quality improvement

If you have a complaint, you can report your complaint by filling in the form on our website. You can find this form under Contacts. If you would like to receive the complaints procedure, you can request it via mail@aofeclinics.nl.

AOFE clinics has joined the disputes committee Zorg Algemeen.


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