The prosthetic expert

leren bewegen met een stop revisie - dicky de best prosthetic expert

Dicky de Best - our prosthetic expert

Dicky de Best is associated with AOFE clinics as an experience prosthetic expert. She is present at the intake clinic to provide you with information about the osseointegration prosthesis. She will also remain available after discharge for patients who have undergone (osseointegration) surgery for questions such as:

  • which activities can I or is advised not to do with an osseointegration prosthesis
  • how do I care for my stoma
  • can I keep the prosthesis on all day
  • Can I keep my current prosthesis
  • cosmetics

In addition, she can provide information about:

  • admission and stay in AOFE clinics.
  • How mobile are you after the procedure.
  • the further after discharge
  • rehabilitation

You can contact her via

Dicky de Best ervaringsdeskundige

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