We welcome you at the amputee and prosthetic center of AFOCE amputee clinic

AOFE - the amputee clinic and prosthetic center

From physical limitation to limitless freedom
The AOFE Clinics is a specialized amputee clinic for amputation surgery and osseointegration (click) prosthesis treatment for people with an arm or leg amputation. Or goal is to become the leading amputee and prosthetic center for international patients.

Who are the people
at AOFE Clinics?

AOFE Clinics provides responsible specialist medical care (multidisciplinary) for people with an amputation in the form of surgical stump reconstruction and osseointegration (click) prosthesis and also for people with chronic (nerve) pain complaints of the stump.

In this context, responsible care means client-centred, safe and affordable care of good quality in the broadest sense delivered through transparent management.

In this, AOFE Clinics cooperates with the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, the Aardenburg Military Rehabilitation Centre in Doorn, the Annatommie Medical Centre in Utrecht and the international patient association AOFE.

We welcome you at the amputee and prosthetic center

The clinic was founded by orthopaedic trauma surgeon Dr Jan Paul Frolke (BIG number 79021015001), rehabilitation physicians Dr Henk van de Meent (BIG number 19022706501) and Dr Fred van de Meer (BIG nummer 19043843601) en Luc Knap (BIG number 19008106930), managing director AOFE Clinics.

The aforementioned doctors introduced and further developed advanced amputation surgery and rehabilitation in the Netherlands. In 2009, they performed the first osseointegration treatment. The AOFE Clinics was established to meet the (inter)national high demand for osseointegration prosthesis treatment. The AOFE Clinics focuses entirely on this care segment with the aim of providing the best and most innovative care to people with an arm or leg amputation. In addition, the AOFE Clinics offers the opportunity to further specialise and develop amputation and prosthesis technology. Surgery and rehabilitation in the AOFE Clinics is always done in a multidisciplinary team consisting of an (orthopaedic) surgeon, rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist and an experience expert.

For general enquiries, please contact Dicky de Best, experience expert/case manager AOFE Clinics.

Email: d.debest@aofeclinics.nl

dr. Jan Paul Surgeon osseointegration

Dr. Jan Paul Frölke

(Orthopaedic) Trauma surgeon

Drs. Robin Atallah Orthopedic surgeon (in training), Fellow

Drs. Robin Atallah

Orthopaedic surgeon (in training), Fellow

drs. Fred v/d Meer Rehabilitation doctor for osseointegration

Drs. Fred v.d Meer

Consultant Rehabilitation Doctor

Dicky de best prosthetic expert at AOFE

Dicky de Best

Experience expert/case manager

Luc Knap case manager at AOFE clinics for amputee

Luc Knap




Providing patient-centred and innovative amputation treatment to patients with an extremity amputation with the aim of improving mobility and quality of life.



We offer a warm stay by paying attention to the individual with a high level of quality awareness for our patient and our environment.

How are we going to achieve this

AOFE amputee clinic uses the Good Governance principle and will be committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We believe it is important to use experience experts within our organisation.

Our expertise is Osseointegration treatment, Ostomy revision and Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)

Osseointegration treatment is offered in a Personalised Care (Zorg op Maat, ZoM) programme by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, paramedics and an expert by experience.

The As you Wish programme provides the opportunity to offer a customer-focused service package.


Zorggroep countryhuis De Wulperhorst - rehabilitation after amputee surgeryZorggroep countryhuis De Wulperhorst for international patients – click here for more photos

Examination protocols

Before going to AOFE Clinics, you will be asked to have a CT scan and Radiological examination. These examinations should be put on a CD-ROM.

You can take the results of the examination with you to your first outpatient consultation.

Working at AOFE clinics

AOFE Clinics is looking for experience experts to volunteer for the client council and complaints committee. You can contact:

Luc Knap
Managing director AOFE clinics

Dicky de Best ervaringsdeskundige

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You can register directly for an intake interview. Do you still have questions? Then look through the frequently asked questions or ask your question to one of our specialists.