Complaints procedure

AOFE Clinics wants to do everything it can to make your stay and treatment as pleasant as possible. Nevertheless, it may happen that your treatment or our treatment did not go as planned. AOFE Clinics then invites you to discuss this. We want an accessible, fast and respectful handling of dissatisfaction and complaints from patients and visitors. Complaints can make a valuable contribution to the quality of our care and services.

The general goal of complaint mediation is to restore the relationship. Mutual understanding is often the key to the solution. AOFE Clinics believes it is important to achieve the following goals in the event of a complaint:

  • restoring the relationship between patient and professional and solving any problems that have arisen
  • Strong involvement of the accused.
  • Use complaints as input for quality improvement

If you have a complaint, you can contact our complaints officer directly at the following email address:

AOFE clinics is affiliated with the General Healthcare Disputes Committee.

Download our complaints procedure


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