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drs. Fred v/d Meer is consulent van AOFE

Rehabilitation physician Dr. Fred v.d Meer

Dr Fred van der Meer (1962-BIG number 19043843601) studied medicine in Utrecht and, after completing his studies, worked as a doctor’s assistant in surgery, orthopaedics in the forerunner of the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort and the Centraal Militair Hospitaal in Utrecht. In 2001, he completed his training as a rehabilitation doctor at the SRL in Hoensbroek. Since then, he has worked as a colonel rehabilitation doctor at the Militair Revalidatiecentrum Aardenburg in Doorn.

Military career and rehabilitation consultant

As a rehabilitation doctor, he is heavily involved in the rehabilitation of people with orthopaedic and traumatological problems, including arm or leg amputations. During the military mission in Afghanistan, he and his rehabilitation team treated many young wounded soldiers. In cases of leg amputation, he heard and felt the deep desire of these soldiers to be able to walk properly again. This was no longer always possible with a prosthetic socket for various reasons. In his quest for other prosthetic options, he came across the osseointegration technique in 2009 in Lubeck, Germany, with Dr Aschoff. There, he met another interested rehabilitation doctor from the Netherlands, Dr van de Meent. Years later, together with Dr Frölke, they joined forces to further develop and improve care for people with amputations through osseointegration.

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