Stoma revision surgery

Stoma revisie en Stoma surgery revision

What is stoma revision surgery?

Some people with a bone anchored prosthesis develop problems from the stoma over the years. These may be pain or irritation or problems cleaning the stoma. Occasionally, the stoma may retract a little but there may also be too much skin causing the irritation. Especially with older-generation implants, the bone can also retract slightly which is often harmless but can cause stoma problems.

Surgical revision new stoma

Stoma revision surgery can be used to treat some stoma problems. A minor operation is then performed in which the stoma is sometimes corrected with the possible placement of a so-called ‘sleeve’. This is a metal sleeve fitted to the implant. This operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia or with an epidural.

If you still have any questions – please check our FAQ or contact our medical management team – who alse published researches which you can find here.

Who is eligible for stump/ostomy revision?

  • Mechanical complaints in the socket or with bone-anchored prosthesis
  • There is a clear causal relationship between the complaints and the findings on clinical and/or imaging examination

Who is not eligible for stump/ostomy revision?

  • The complaints in the socket or with a bone-anchored prosthesis cannot be explained mechanically
  • If no causal relationship can be demonstrated between the complaints and the findings on clinical and/or imaging examination

Our goal? A better quality of life

At AOFE Clinics, our dedicated revision services focus on improving the quality of life for patients who have undergone ileostomy, colostomy, or related procedures. Stoma surgery is often considered due to severe complications that can affect the function of stomas, such as stomal prolapse or parastomal hernias at the abdominal wall.

Our approach is designed to manage these issues with precision and care, utilizing the latest techniques in stoma repair to create improvements in both health and function. Factors influencing the need for revision include the location and condition of the existing stoma, the health of the surrounding abdominal wall, and the patient’s overall health status and age.

Patients can access our main content on stoma care and revision techniques by using the ‘skip to main content’ feature on our site. This section provides a detailed report on the procedure, authored by our experts who share their knowledge and the reported outcomes of such revisions.

Emergency cases are prioritized to ensure timely repair and management, aiming to reduce complications and enhance the overall function of the bowel. At AOFE Clinics, rights are reserved to ensure that each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their specific conditions, respecting their needs and preferences. Wound healing over the long term, ensuring that each patient receives the support required for their specific condition.

Our team of healthcare professionals, including authors and experts in wound care, work diligently to follow up with patients for months post-procedure. This ongoing support helps us monitor healing progress and manage any complications that may arise, thereby improving overall results.

For more detailed information or to search for specific advice related to a stoma, please visit our local site or contact our main office. Our team is committed to providing access to essential care and supporting our patients through every step of their health journey.

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