New multi-year contract Military Rehabilitation Center

The fact that this signing took place while several seriously injured victims of the war in Ukraine were undergoing clinical rehabilitation on the spot at that time was an impressive observation. It showed the urgency of the collaboration because it often concerns people who have had a traumatic arm or leg amputation.


The MRC in Doorn is a small-scale but extremely professional rehabilitation center where the individual comes into his own and the facilities are the best in the Netherlands. The exceptional history of the MRC and the wooded area in Doorn provide an optimal environment for rehabilitation. With the orthopedic technologists under the same roof, this offers optimal care for patients with an arm or leg amputation.


The AOFE Clinics has quality of patient care as its highest goal and is therefore pleased and proud that we have continued this collaboration with this multi-year contract. Such a contract between a ‘civilian’ healthcare institution and a military partner is not something that can be taken for granted. After all, in a military organization many patients and files are treated confidentially and the facilities offered at MRC Doorn are, of course, of the highest level. The fact that we jointly bear the responsibility for the care of our amputee patients shows a deep trust in our clinic. We are very proud of this and will once again show in the coming years that this trust is in good hands with us.

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