Care for your click prosthesis and pain

 Stomacare click prosthesis

Note: The stoma should be cleaned twice a day to prevent infections.

Stoma care starts from the first day after surgery. The stoma can still bleed in the first 3-7 days, which is why the stoma must be carefully rinsed with the shower head. If the stoma continues to bleed; rinse with cold water and then apply a number of split gauzes, press firmly and rest (put the stump high). In case of persistent problems, contact the doctor.

Cleaning the stoma:

  1. Remove the gauze

  2. Rinse the stoma with an oral irrigator (eg Braun Oral B, Oxyjet or the Panasonic Dentacare Oral Irrigator EW 1211). The Oxyjet has a large water reservoir and different water jet settings. This device costs about €70 - €100 and can be ordered online.

  1. Remove yellow deposits with gauze/floss away

  2. Also make sure that the implant is clean and shiny

  3. Massage the skin and muscles while rinsing and make sure there are no adhesions between the soft tissues (skin and muscles) and the implant

  4. After rinsing, dry the stoma with a clean towel and, if necessary, cover with a gauze of 10x10 cm (unfold, twist around the pin and tie)

If the stoma is inflamed (pain, redness and pus formation):

  • 2x daily, after cleaning the stoma, treat with choorhexidine 0.5% in alcohol 70% (e.g. Sterilon available at the drugstore)
  • Fucidin hydrophilic cream (tube 30 g; 20 mg/g) apply twice daily to and in the stoma (available at the drugstore)
  • If, despite everything, the stoma remains uncomfortable (pain, redness and pus formation) ask your doctor for a prescription for a 10-day course of antibiotics

If redundant scar tissue grows on the edge of the stoma:

  • 2x daily, after cleaning the stoma Terra-Cortril + Polymyxine B eye ointment (hydrocortisone/oxytetracycline/polymyxin B) (prescription from the doctor). Stop using the ointment as soon as the redundant scar tissue is gone.

If the stoma is dry and sticks to the pin:

  • apply 1 to 2 ml of Instillagel (11 ml syringes: lidocaine hydrochloride 0.23 g - chlorhexidine gluconate 0.0057 g, via prescription from the general practitioner/rehabilitation doctor) into the stoma every hour of the day whenever needed using a Medela silicone tip (available at the rehabilitation doctor) placed on the syringe of the Instillagel. After use, rinse the silicone tip with warm water and reuse. NB use the gel frequently in case of complaints.
  • Or lubricate the stoma and pin with Vaseline.