Leg and arm amputee

stomprevisie bij AOFE Clinics - Stump prosthesis revision at AOFE clinics

Leg amputee

With an amputation of the leg, we speak of a lower extremity. A leg amputation can take place due to: vascular disease – tumor – trauma

The residual limb can be amputated at different levels. After the leg has been amputated, rehabilitation can be started after recovery. During this rehabilitation one learns to walk again with a prosthetic leg. This is an artificial leg where you sit with your upper or lower leg in a plastic tube. For several years now you have also had a “bone anchoring prosthesis” or “osseointegration prosthesis”. This prosthesis is anchored in the skeleton by means of an implant, and the prosthesis is attached with an adapter and connector. Rehabilitation can take several weeks to several months.

rontgenfoto osseointegratie - leg and arm amputee prosthesis treatment

Prosthesis for the foot

A prosthetic foot is made when a foot amputation has taken place. With a foot prosthesis you improve the gait and the stump is protected. The foot prosthesis is made of silicone and is often indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Arm amputee

With an amputation of the arm we speak of an upper extremity. There are a few dozen per year and amputation can take place due to, among other things: trauma – vascular problems – cancer

The arm can be amputated at different levels. You may experience phantom pain during amputation. Prostheses are also available for amputated arms. Both with a plastic sleeve and with the osseointegration prosthesis.

After an amputation of the arm, an prosthesis can be measured. With the stump of the arm one can enter the socket of the prosthesis. This prosthesis is custom made. The prosthesis can be attached with, for example, a band, silicone liner or click system, also known as osseointegration. There are arm prostheses that do not have many functions but are mainly cosmetically beautiful, but you also have arm and leg prosthesis that are computer controlled.

Prosthesis for the fingers

A finger prosthesis is made of silicone. These look lifelike and fit perfectly. Recently, osseointegration can also be applied for one/several finger amputations. This allows you to increase the finger length and the finger(s) can regain a gripping function. The finger(s) regain functionality when, for example, working with a keyboard.

osseointegratie voor handenosseointegratie voor vingers

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