SIGBAL founded at ISPO Mexico

SIGBAL (Special Interest Group Bone Anchored Limb) is a global interest group of medical professionals who treat people with arm or leg amputations with a bone anchored prosthesis to restore mobility and quality of life. The SIGBAL falls under ISPO International as parent organization ( We aim to make this innovative treatment available worldwide. These treatments pre-eminently require a multidisciplinary approach by surgeon, prosthetist, physiotherapist and rehabilitation doctor, in which the expert patient forms a permanent part of the treatment team. Within SIGBAL, dedicated professionals work together to share knowledge, collect data and help each other with surgical treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up and aftercare.

Founding board:

First President: Rickard Brånemark, surgeon
President elect: Jan Paul Frölke, surgeon
Secretary: Jason Stoneback, surgeon
Treasurer: Marta Geada, CPO
Member at large: Laurent Frossard, scientist
Member: Ruud Leijendekkers, physiotherapist
Member: Mitch Grant, expert user
Immediate past president: empty until 2025

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