'I live and want to continue with life'


My name is Kunie Verwoert. In 1982 I lost my left lower leg in an accident. I was 16 years old. My motto was already: 'I live and want to continue with life'.

After rehabilitation and natural recovery, I started working out again in the same year (korfball, football). I did that with the prostheses from back then! Panty here, panty there; pff very hot everyone! But hey, it's no different... and on..! A few years ago I came into contact with the click prosthesis through a POM employee. The click prosthesis was still in its infancy so I left it as it is.

Several years of inflammation, followed by outpatient operations. These inflammations always started in the spring when the temperature went up, very annoying! I had to walk my dog ​​with the wheelchair or ask for help (something I find very difficult). It all worked out, but it is very limited and requires a lot of adaptability. I like to walk, especially with my dog. But if I was going to walk a long way, say 2 kilometers, I had to stop for a while to move my stump in the socket; a bad feeling was that....

In 2015 the click prosthesis came back into the picture through the magazine Kort & Krachtig. After a lot of talking with my partner and family, I made an appointment through the GP at the information day on December 4, 2015 in the hospital. A few days before that I had to have pictures taken of my stump so they could get a good look at my stump. On the information day, Pietsje (user expert) and a whole team of specialists (Dr. Frölke, Dr. v.d. Meent, a physiotherapist and a prosthesis maker) told their story. Then we were called one by one for the physical examination and to decide together about the treatment (if you are suitable for a click prosthesis) and ....... I was suitable. ....happy!

Then we had to wait for the approval of the insurance. This approval came in February 2016. Then I had to wait until it was my turn for the operation. This wait is long. Unfortunately, the operation was delayed three times.

At the end of April 2017, the good news came....; I could go to the anesthesia and May 1 was my 1st operation. This operation was very intense because the correction had made my stump a lot shorter. I had to get used to that .... but I must say he had become more beautiful. The 2nd operation was to take place 6 weeks later but was brought forward because I got an infection and had to take antibiotics! Three weeks after the operation, the rehabilitation (learning to walk again) started in the hospital with a great team and nice cozy fellow clickers with whom you could share joys and sorrows. Because my stoma was bothering me a lot, I had to take a 6-week rest break. After that I went 3 more times after which I was fired and had to do it on my own.

At home I continued with physio stomp massage and strength exercises. Pfff...and you want so much and quickly, but then you are whistled back by your body. I have suffered a lot from phantom pain, but a fellow click user gave me the drug amitriptyline and luckily that helped me a lot. After about 11 months I was really drug free....! It was a rough time but luckily it will pass....!

At the moment I work 40 hours a week. I was able to build up these hours in close consultation with my occupational health and safety doctor and rehabilitation doctor. I also have to walk a lot, so it is quite heavy and the best thing to do is listen to your body and take a rest....(which is sometimes really difficult, because you still want so much) which is wise to to do...

I have never regretted the decision to have osseointegration done. I am often asked: what is the advantage of this? then I say: 'I can walk again with and without my dog ​​without stopping, cycling and sports (sitting volleyball), I am not so tired anymore, I have much less pain in my lower back and I am only more than 1 year further! I have my life back! And I continue.......

Thank you all so much for all their efforts to make this possible!