'Click & Go'


In 1984 I was run over by a forklift. Due to serious damage to my lower legs, my left leg was amputated through the knee a year later.

This was followed by a long road of rehabilitation and prosthetics. Prostheses that fit badly, gave little stability and I couldn't control them, not to mention the pain...

After 28 years of struggling, the "click prosthesis" or "osseointegration prosthesis" came my way. A prosthesis that could reduce or even make my problems disappear?

I signed up for an interview at the hospital. The conversation with Dr J.P. Frölke (orthopedic trauma surgeon) and Dr. H. v.d. Meent (rehabilitation doctor) went well. She listened carefully to my complaints and I could ask all my questions... In addition to this conversation, several tests were also carried out by a research nurse; how fast can you run? what is your stamina? etc. Following the conversation and the various tests, I was found to be a suitable candidate for the click prosthesis.

The operation was performed in 2 parts. The first operation had to amputate 15 cm because I had a knee disarticulation. (the click prosthesis cannot be done with a knee disarticulation). At the same time, the implant was placed in the bone of the stump.

After about 8 weeks there was the 2nd operation. This is where the connecting pin, coupling between the implant and a click adapter is placed.

Then I started rehabilitation. Quite a task, it requires dedication and perseverance. But I didn't have to do that alone. There was a great team of physiotherapists ready. They guided and helped me to learn to walk nicely and well again, without pain and with little energy.

Now, years later, I can say that this is the best thing that happened to me. The click prosthesis has made me a happier person. I can now fully do the activities I used to do with a socket prosthesis. I manage to walk much longer, further and more beautiful, do an errand, cycle, swim and fully participate in the work process again..!! I also want to emphasize the easy on and off of the click prosthesis! I call it: click & go!! In other words, click and go...!

I would not have been able to do all this and so much more without the treatment team who are committed again and again and search for perfection for people with an amputation.

Thank you!

Dicky de Best