Click/bone anchored prosthesis reimbursed

From 1 January 2024, a new reimbursement system will come into force via your health insurance company for click prosthesis treatment. In the past it was not possible to have this operation with us due to the high costs, but from 2024 it will now be possible. We do not have a waiting list, so you are welcome to join our multidisciplinary outpatient clinic in Rozendaal near Arnhem. You can register through our website.

klikprothese vergoed per 1/1/2024

Our 10 tips for a quick recovery:

  • ✓ Learn by getting used to the prosthesis
  • ✓ Take your time
  • ✓ Build up gradually as you get used to your new denture
  • ✓ Respect the schedule we give you
  • ✓ Keep moving so you don't tense up
  • ✓ Listen to your body
  • ✓ Use complaints as input for quality improvement
  • ✓ Set short- and long-term goals
  • ✓ Celebrate your success!
  • ✓ Get enough rest

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