Training Targeted Muscle Reinnervation

Our surgical team (Jan Paul Frölke & Robin Atallah) had the great opportunity to visit plastic surgeons Norbert Kang, Alex Woollard & Yazan Al-Azam at the Royal Free Hospital in London for a training day regarding Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR).


training tmr

TMR was developed as a novel strategy to improve control of myoelectric limbs. The technique involves the redirecting of nerves, severed by amputation, to new muscle targets. Ultimately this results in the generation of signals due to muscle contraction, and allows for intuitive neural control of myoelectric prothetic limbs. TMR is currently also studied and used as a method to treat or prevent neuroma pain, showing promising results.


A big thank you to the organizing committee for this educational experience. We look forward to further implement these techniques, ameliorate its results, and improve overal amputation care.


10 ways for quick recovery:

  • ✓ Learn by getting used to the prosthesis
  • ✓ Take your time
  • ✓ Build up gradually as you get used to your new prosthesis
  • ✓ Stick to the schedule we give you
  • ✓ Keep moving so you don't get stiff
  • ✓ Listen to your body
  • ✓ Using complaints as input for quality improvement
  • ✓ Create short- and long-term goals
  • ✓ Celebrate your success!
  • ✓ Take enough rest

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