Prosthesis for fingers

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Prosthesis for fingers

There are several reasons why someone might lose their fingers, including:

  1. Trauma: Accidents, such as crushing injuries, burns, and cuts, can result in the loss of one or more fingers.
  2. Infection: In some cases, severe infections can lead to tissue damage and the need for amputation of the affected finger(s).
  3. Circulatory problems: Conditions that affect blood flow to the fingers, such as frostbite, Raynaud’s disease, and peripheral artery disease, can cause tissue damage and the need for amputation.
  4. Cancer: Rarely, certain types of cancer, such as sarcoma, can require the removal of fingers as part of the treatment.
  5. Congenital abnormalities: Some people may be born with missing fingers or have fingers that do not fully form, a condition known as polydactyly or syndactyly.
  6. Autoimmune conditions: Certain autoimmune conditions, such as scleroderma, can cause tissue damage and the need for amputation.

When you loose fingers, you loose the ability to perform everyday tasks, and may require specialized medical care, including prosthetic fingers or other assistive devices, and rehabilitation to help improve function and quality of life. Other simlar reasons to contact AOFE Clinics are hand prosthesis, finger amputations and a prosthetic finger ( or finger prostheses ).

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How can osseointegration surgery help people with finger prosthesis

Osseointegration surgery may not be the best option for people who have lost fingers, as it requires the insertion of a metal implant into the bone, which is not possible for small bones such as those in the fingers. However, there are other surgical options that can help people with no fingers, such as finger replantation, toe-to-hand transplantation, and composite tissue transplantation.

osseointegratie voor vingersosseointegratie voor handen - Prosthesis fingers

Finger replantation is a surgical procedure that involves reattaching a severed finger using microsurgery techniques. This procedure is typically performed within a few hours of the injury and requires specialized training and equipment.

Toe-to-hand transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting a toe onto the hand to replace a missing finger. This procedure is typically reserved for people who have lost multiple fingers and may require extensive rehabilitation to regain function.

Composite tissue transplantation involves transplanting a combination of tissues, including bone, muscle, and skin, from one part of the body to another. This procedure can be used to replace missing fingers and may provide better functional outcomes than other surgical options.

In addition to surgery, people with no fingers may benefit from the use of prosthetic fingers or other assistive devices, as well as rehabilitation to help improve the quality of life. A healthcare professional can help determine the best treatment options based on individual needs and preferences.

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