Who are we

AOFE clinics provides responsible medical specialist care (multidisciplinary) for people with an amputation in the form of surgical stump reconstruction and osseointegration (click-) prosthesis and also for people with chronic (nerve) pain at the stump.

In this context, responsible care means client-oriented, safe and affordable care of good quality in the broadest sense of the word, which is provided through transparent business operations.

AOFE clinics collaborates with:

  • Annatommie MC in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • The Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • The Military Rehabilitation Center Aardenburg in Doorn, The Netherlands
  • and the international patient association AOFE.

The clinic was founded in 2018 by orthopedic trauma surgeon Dr. Frölke (big no. 79021015001), rehabilitation physicians Dr. van de Meent (big no.19022706501) and Dr. van de Meer (big no. 19043843601) and Luc Knap (big no. 19008106930), managing director AOFE clinics. These doctors have introduced and further developed advanced amputation surgery and rehabilitation in the Netherlands. In 2009 they introduced the osseointegration (click) prosthesis in the Netherlands. The AOFE Clinics was established to meet the (inter)national high demand for osseointegration prosthesis treatment. The AOFE Clinics focuses entirely on this healthcare segment with the aim of providing the best and most innovative care to people with an arm or leg amputation. In addition, the AOFE Clinics offers the opportunity to further specialize and further develop amputation and prosthesis technology. The surgery and rehabilitation in the AOFE Clinics always takes place in a multidisciplinary team consisting of an (orthopedic) surgeon, rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist and an experience expert.