Dr. Fred v.d. Meer.

Dr. Fred van der Meer (1962) studied medicine in Utrecht and after his graduation he worked as a resident surgery, orthopedics in teh Meander Medical Center Amersfoort and the Central Military Hospital Utrecht.

He completed his training as rehabilitation physician at the SRL te Hoensbroek in 2001. Since then he is working as a colonel rehabilitation physician at the Military Rehabilitation Center Aardenburg in Doorn.

Dr Fred van der Meer is intensively involved in the rehabilitation of  (military) people with orthopedic en traumatologic problems, like arm or leg amputation. During the Dutch military mission in Afghanistan he treated, together with his rehabilitationteam, a lot of young wounded soldiers. In case of a legamputation he heard and felt the desparate desire to walk again. With a socket attached protheses this wasn’t always possible anymore. In his search for other prosthetic technics he came in 2009 in contact with teh osseointegrationtechnic of Dr. Aschoff in Lubeck, Germany. There he met another dutch rehabltation physician, Dr. van de Meent. Years later they joined forces, together with Dr. Frölke, to further develop and improve the care for people with an amputation by osseointegration.