Dicky de Best

Dicky de Best, co-ordinator and also experience expert. As a case manager she is affiliated with AOFE clinics.  If you have a general question regarding osseointegration treatments (see ask a question) you will receive a response from her.

She arranges the following aspects:

  1. in (have) written in Electronic Patient File, sign up for intake clinic, possibly planning radiological examination and taking care of appointment letter at the home address.
  2. to give information interested in the intakepoli about click prosthesis;
    1. How does the recording go.
    2. How mobile are you after the procedure.
    3. how to proceed after discharge.
    4. What is overall the follow-up program.

If you opt for the follow-up  process then:

  1. log recording schedule.
  2. Confirmation of appointment by appointment confirmation.
  3. informing about nursing department.
  4. provide you with the necessary information about the recording.
  5. to be contacted by e-mail during the recording.
  6. during your admission she will visit you with the aim that you leave with confidence.

Dicky is also available for questions after your treatment