Reimbursement and referral

If you are interested in our treatment, you can register by means of a referral (medical specialist) via the AOFE clinics website. You can register by completing the questionnaire.

Your health insurer can help you with regard to the reimbursement. If AOFE clinics has not entered into a contract with your health insurer, you can find the costs on our website. These costs are without prosthesis, accomodation (during rehabilitation period), office costs, transport to and from the airport. 

AOFE clinics can make a letter for you, asking to reimburse the costs. In your policy conditions your health insurer may have indicated how much is reimbursed for non-contracted care. If you can not find this in your policy conditions, we advise you to contact your health insurer.

If you do not receive reimbursement from your insurer, AOFE clinics can offer you a free quote.