The pricelist of has been drawn up using the current Dutch national health care prices for standard care approved and covered by Dutch insurance companies. The AOFE Clinics is not liable for any errors in the published list. Should national developments in health care pricing give rise to the adjustment of this pricelist, then AOFE clinics reserves the right to do so. If there is a price difference between the moment of the price request (your quotation) and the start of the treatment (the first appointment in AOFE clinics), the price will always apply at the start of the treatment.

We kindly ask you to check your health care insurance policy conditions. EU citizens may apply for  the European S2 approval procedure. With an S2 approval, stating the indication for medical treatment, costs (Dutch health care prices for standard care) and treatment period, European citizens will have coverage for the medical related costs of the treatment elsewhere in Europe. Please ask the staff of the AOFE Clinics for information and details of the treatment related with the S2 procedure. 

AOFE clinics can offer you a quotation without obligation, in which we can make an offer for a complete treatment including accommodation and rehabilitation.  If you wish to participate in our Ash You Wish program, AOFE clinics can send you an offer.

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