"Click and go!"


In 1984 I was run over by a forklift. Due to serious damage to my lower legs, a year later my left leg was amputated through the knee.

This was followed by a long journey of rehabilitation and prosthetics. Prostheses that were bad, gave little stability and I could not control them, not to mention the pain ...

After 28 years of worrying, the "click prosthesis" or "osseointegration prosthesis" came on my path. A prosthesis that could reduce my problems or even make it disappear?

I notified me for a meeting in the hospital. The conversation with Dr. J.P. Frölke (osseointegration surgeon) and dr. H. v.d. Meent (rehabilitation physician) went smoothly. They listened attentively to my complaints and I was able to ask all my questions ... In addition to this conversation, various tests were carried out by a research nurse; how fast can you walk? what is your endurance? etc. Following the interview and the various tests, I was found to be a suitable candidate for the osseointegration prosthesis.

The surgery was performed in 2 steps. At the first surgery, 15 cm had to be amputated because I had a knee exarticulation and the implant was inserted into the bone of the stump.

After about 8 weeks there was the 2nd surgery. Here the adapter was placed through the skin and the quick release connector was applied between the prosthesis and the adapter.

Then I started rehabilitation. Quite a task, it requires commitment and perseverance. But I did not have to do that alone. There was a great team of physiotherapists ready. They guide and help me to walk nicely and well, without pain and with little energy.

Now, 5 years later, I can say that this is the best thing that happened to me. The osseointegration prosthesis has made me a happier person. The activities that I used to do with a socket prosthesis more or less, I can do now again fully. I succeed much longer and further and more beautiful to walk .. to do a message, to cycle, swim and fully participate in the labor process .. !! I also want to emphasize the easy on and off of the osseointegration prosthesis! I call it: click & go !! In other words, click and leave ...!

All this and so much more I did not succeed without the treatment team who are constantly working again and looking for perfection for people with an amputation.

Thank you!

Dicky the Best